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Technical Support of Superior Serum Separation Gel

Issuing time:2019-08-13 08:47

Serum Separation Gel mainly consist of Silicone rubber, macromolecular hydrocarbons, hydrophobic rubber,It is a thixotropic inert viscous colloid with good air tightness and high transparency.The specific gravity of the separation gel is between serum and blood cells.Under the action of centrifugal force, the separation glue separates the serum from the blood cells to ensure the stability of the serum components.


                 The blood serum separation gel can be made into vacuum blood collection tube and injectable blood collection tube, which can be used in the clinical examination of medicine.It can be seen that serum separation glue plays a very important role in the production of blood vessels. Then how to produce high-quality serum separation gel?           



Guangzhou Jiean Bioscince & Technology Co.,Ltd always focus on the R&D of the Serum Separation gel,we have successfully R&Dthe Irradiation resistance and un-irradiation resistance gel.After many test and check via producer of blood collection tube,we have own a good reputation in market.

If need to order Gel or need our assisit in production of blood collection tube,contact with us in 86 13822233654 or email to :

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